Bodega is located just off the junction of Roden and Victoria Street in West Melbourne.  It is the classic locals pub where they come to relax and have a quiet drink and listen to some old vinyl hits.  

There is footpath trading to the front of the venue for twelve.  The front windows completely open to let the sunshine and music out.  There is plenty of seating around the small bar for small groups , couples and the occasional bar fly.  Adjacent to the bar is a small kitchen prep area but no commercial kitchen.  The venue has struck up a deal with local restaurants to deliver which works very well for all parties. 

What is unique and rather quirky is what is upstairs.  It could be one bedroom flat but at the moment has been converted in to a band practice room.  The rental income is a very handy $400 a week.  

Bodega has an on premises licence until 1am with a capacity of 50.  This makes it an ideal size for functions and casual music nights. There are seven years left on the lease made up of 4+3.  The landlord has indicated that there will be negotiation on an extension until the end of this term.  Rent is just over $500 a week including GST and when you take in to account the income for upstairs that makes it probably the best rent you will get in Melbourne.  

Bodega suits an owner operator that is starting out with their first bar with minimal risk, or those in a band that want to play upstairs and drink downstairs.  There are books available but really this is just a walk in walk out deal.  The vendor is only looking for offers in the region of $125,000 for this exclusively listed venue.  

This venue is now SOLD.