Euro House has undergone quite a transformation in the last few years. Sometimes a club, always a bar, the unique space at the bottom of Euro House in Corrs Lane called Pulp Club completes a trio of venues in the one building which include Berlin Bar and House of Maximon. What makes Pulp Club special is it's a bar where you can select from a myriad of cold pressed juices and outside you'll find the Magic Mixes bar where non-alcoholic elixirs are brewed to order and then head back in and onto the dance floor if you're in the mood. On the first floor is House of Maximon that feels a bit like South of the Border meets Day of the Dead with tequila and mescal flowing freely and to make things even more deliciously morbid they have their own very well respected comedy club run in conjunction with Crab Lab. You may think that East and West Berlin no longer exist, but on the second level the two parts of a city separated until the wall came down in 1989 are very much alive in the form of Berlin Bar. You enter the bar via West Berlin, charming and opulent with chandeliers, windows edged with gilded picture frames and comfy leather couches and booths. Move through Checkpoint Charlie to East Berlin and leave your pretensions behind. The ceiling may be draped in camouflage netting and the lighting may be dim, but between the bunk bed, the low tables and the big wooden bench, there's nowhere to hide. There's no barbed wire and no wall, permission to enter is only granted upon pressing the bell and waiting for someone to come to the door. Have a look at all three venues on the video below.


All three venues come under one liquor licence, a late night 3 am on premises with a huge capacity of 500.  Rent is an unbelievable $64k a year inc GST for the whole building and there are ten years left on the lease. The venue is now taking over $50k a week with detailed weekly income figures available. All fixtures and fittings are included in the sale. 


This owners have been at the venue for a few years now and are looking to slow down a bit so this exclusively listed venue is very well priced at $850,000.

This venue is now UNDER CONTRACT.